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The Bulletproof Notion Workspace

The most informed, effective, beloved framework for Notion.
Unrivaled since 2019.

Since 2019, the Bulletproof has helped millions of users maximize Notion. Version 4 takes it to even greater heights, drawing from:

  • Notion’s latest features and best practices;

  • new innovations from other productivity apps; and

  • the enduring strengths of traditional productivity methodologies.

It's an inspired foundation for any workspace, for any user, with any need.

The Bulletproof Principle

Bulletproof is built on a core principle that’s exceedingly simple yet endlessly beneficial.An effective Notion workspace resembles a website or app. Bulletproof follows the same approach behind every website your visit and each app on your phone:

Centralize content in databases;
access it through contextual views.

This unleashes Notion’s superpowers and makes your information intuitively accessible, efficiently manageable, and versatilely usable. It creates single sources of truth and prepares your workspace for automations and integrations.

Bulletproof Workspace Content Types

Nine essential content types,
expandable for any use.

Bulletproof includes a master database for the nine types of content most often managed in Notion. Their relations form a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts, where sophisticated templates display related items from other databases. That makes every project, client, objective and space its own dashboard—automatically.With these databases as a blueprint, you easily add others to serve any need.


Slice and dice tasks in many ways to schedule, manage and complete them with profound efficiency.

  • View them by project, date, client, assignee, or context, among other dimensions.
  • Add new tasks to your Inbox for planning later.
  • Prioritize tasks algorithmically.

Bulletproof’s task system draws from Getting Things Done, PARA, time blocking, the Eisenhower Matrix, the Pareto Principle, MoSCoW and Eat the Frog.


Projects are groups of tasks with clear outcomes. View them by status, client, space (teams, departments and life categories) and other contextual dimensions.

Each project is its own dashboard. It displays its tasks, resources, meetings, and related items from other databases.


Adapated from the PARA method, Spaces are the high-level categories of work and life. For businesses, they typically correspond with departments, teams and ongoing initiatives.

Spaces organize items in other databases. When opened as a page, a space displays its related tasks, resources and other content types.


Centralize and tightly organize your contacts in a database that easily syncs with other contact managers.

  • View your team as a gorgeous gallery.
  • Never miss a birthday.
  • Integrate with mail merge tools to send personalized emails.


A single source of truth for:

  • your contacts' employers;
  • clients and prospects;
  • vendors and service providers; and
  • all other organizations referenced from other databases.

Update it here; it updates everywhere.

Within each client, view related tasks, projects, resources, events and people—all displayed beautifully and intuitively.


All the documents, multimedia and files to be tightly organized and accessed in intuitive contexts.

Relate resources to spaces, projects, clients and other databases to display them automatically within those items.

Meetings & Events

Plan, conduct and capture meetings more productively.

Relate events to spaces, organizations and projects to display them automatically within those items.


Supercharge the traditional OKR method of tracking goals.

Within the Objectives database, compose high-level aspirations for a specified time frame. Optionally map them to specific spaces.

In the Key Results database, add metrics for each objective.

As you update Key Results, Bulletproof automatically calculates the overall progress of each objective.

Bulletproof your workspace.

Bulletproof 4 is available now to members of Notion A-to-Z, along with detailed documentation and (soon) a step-by-step tutorial for adding custom databases.If you’ve yet to join us, hop aboard A-to-Z to get the most from Notion.